Butterflies #015


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Product Description

Discover the epitome of artisan craftsmanship with our exclusive jewelry set, featuring a necklace and bracelet with a glimmering diamond-cut chain, meticulously plated in non-tarnish silver and 24 karat gold. Each piece is handmade in the USA using copyrighted metals, ensuring a unique, high-quality finish. The set is highlighted by striking, dyed turquoise accents that add a vibrant touch of color. Complementing the ensemble are hypoallergenic hoop earrings, perfect for sensitive skin, embracing both luxury and comfort. Every item is signed by the artist and includes an authenticity note, affirming its bespoke charm and distinguished provenance.

Care: Hand wash with gentle soap and pat dry.

Shipping & Refunds


Each individual piece of J. Jansen Designs designer jewelry is handcrafted at time of placement of Order. Expectant shipping is 7-21 business days from date of confirmation of payment. We thank you for your patience and are as excited as you are to be receiving your handcrafted, signature signed piece of collectible art/jewelry from J. Jansen Designs. It will be worth the wait.


****There is NO RETURN POLICY as these pieces of art from J. Jansen Designs are handcrafted at the time of placement/payment of order. We will however repair any manufacturer's flaws within 2 weeks of being shipped from J. Jansen Designs studio office. If there is a problem with any designer piece of art from J. Jansen Designs after that time period we will charge a minimum fee and shipping charges both ways via PayPal and you may EMAIL us with regards to the issue at that time.